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A very warm welcome to

Hands Together

for Uromi / Nigeria e.V.

We are pleased to present our charitable project on the following pages. Since 2021 we support needy street children and families in Uromi, Nigeria.

Uromi slum garbage dump



About us


We, that is Jude and Sabine. Jude was born in Uromi and has been living and working in Augsburg in the logistics industry for many years. Sabine is a project manager in an architectural office, mother of 3 and Jude's partner. Both live in a shared apartment in Friedberg (Germany).

Jude had often told Sabine about the conditions in Uromi, but he could not begin to convey the reality.

During a joint trip in 2020 to Jude's birthplace, Sabine was directly confronted with the suffering that prevails in Uromi.


Jude and Sabine

The indescribable poverty and the conditions under which the inhabitants struggle every day for bare survival are shocking for European minds and hard to process.

The impressions of this trip did not let Sabine go and so the two decided to start a relief action to improve the lives of the most needy people in Uromi. The idea of "Hands together for Uromi" was born and was put into action in September 2021 with the registration as a non-profit association VR 203325 in the register of associations in Augsburg.





The city, with a population of about 85,ooo, is located northeast of Benin City in the interior of Nigeria in Edo State and consists of 3 wards.

Map of Uromi

Many inhabitants of Uromi live below the poverty line and have to get by on less than US$1.5 a day. Work is scarce here and only a few have regular jobs. Most people eke out a living by selling homegrown food or digging through the local garbage dump. The average age in Uromi is just 20.4 years. Only very few reach the age of 50. Many families are not able to feed their children from the meager income and so the older children usually end up on the street, where they are left to their own fate. Without a roof over their heads and parental care, children as young as 6 years old live in degrading conditions and have to eke out a living every day. We want to help here with a care program.


Even toddlers are left to their own devices





Jude is very well connected locally, because his mother and the rest of the family still live there on the outskirts of the city. This allows us to personally ensure that the donations reach exactly those who need the help most urgently. Our biggest focus is on the street children of Uromi. With a one-stop store under the leadership of Mama Doris, we have begun to distribute daily food rations to street children and needy families. In addition, our foundation ensures that emergency medical care is possible and that the sick can be helped.


Mama Doris buying food for the poor for the poor

Current help offers

At the moment, through our Care and Support Center, we offer the following assistance to street children and families in need:

For the poorest the best moment of the day: handing out food rations

Future Projects

We know that we cannot solve all the problems on site. However, we have projects in planning to reduce the hardship in Uromi in the long term. These include:

Girl begging


50 ct daily wage on the construction site


Girl in the street



Your Donation helps


Every single donation helps to improve the situation of the suffering population of Uromi. We offer entrepreneurs, self-employed people and private individuals the possibility of a long-term sponsorship, with which special projects can be put into practice, which can be realized exclusively with the supporter.

Even small amounts can make a big difference!

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Donate now!

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Become a sponsor!

Support our non-profit association as a sponsor and show your commitment to the children and families in Uromi. With a monthly donation we can link special projects with your name. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.


These companies have already taken over a sponsorship or support helpful projects together with Hands together for Uromi/Nigeria e.V.





Our sponsored kids











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